Invasive species that are established within an area are thought to negatively affect ecosystem function and disturb habitats, paving the way for new invasive species. This is especially true for invasive species that have complimentary functional traits, where one species facilitates the other. However, few experimental data are available showing how multiple invasive species interact with one another in a community. To understand if invasive species compete or facilitate one another, given their functional traits, I use functionally diverse invasive mollusks in experimental freshwater communities. In collaboration with Dr. Bill Hintz, we are also investigating how invasive species’ interactions are altered by anthropogenic factors such as road salt runoff and nutrient inputs. Our goal is to understand if we can make predictions about the effects that numerous invasive species will have in varying environmental conditions. Future research efforts will investigate ways that we can improve niche modeling for invasive species in freshwater systems, and how new opportunities for invasions are being facilitated by human activities.